Activity Investigations

Alive & Well Investigation
The Alive & Well Investigation (AW) consists of one visit to the subject’s neighborhood to determine his/her current status through limited interviews with neighbors or direct contact with the subject, if authorized. Included: Comprehensive Database search if required to confirm residency, travel time/miles to one address.

Neighborhood Investigation
The Neighborhood Investigation (NI) consists of one visit to the subject’s neighborhood with two days of follow-up telephone work, as required. Investigators conduct interviews with neighbors to determine a subject’s current employment status and state of physical health and identify activities. Included: Comprehensive Database and Telephone/Address Database searches to confirm residency, travel time/miles to one address.

Complete Activity Check Investigation
The Complete Activity Check Investigation (CAC) consists of multiple visits to the subject’s current neighborhood, with in-person and/or telephone inquiries performed at additional addresses, as necessary (i.e., previous address to determine change in activities, etc.). Investigators will automatically conduct follow-up inquiries during evening/weekend hours to obtain a minimum of two knowledgeable sources.

Upon receipt of a Complete Activity Check Investigation request, we will automatically conduct Comprehensive Database and Telephone/Address Database searches to confirm residency and identify neighbors for necessary follow-up work.

The Complete Activity Check Investigation includes record searches to identify cases at district and circuit courts with jurisdiction over a subject’s current address, a workers’ compensation claim search (where applicable) and a search for bowling activity. When necessary, inquiries will be sent to the Michigan State Police and Department of Social Services, and these inquiries and any additional database searches required (i.e., driving record, registration search) will be billed at the rates provided in our current Fee Schedule.

The Complete Activity Check Investigation automatically includes follow-up inquiries when neighborhood sources reveal possible employers and/or contrary activities. We also check various agencies to assist in locating individuals as possible sources when necessary (i.e., property records to identify a subject’s landlord, etc.).

Background Investigations

Complete Background / Criminal Investigation
The Complete Background / Criminal Investigation (BCI) includes Comprehensive Database and Telephone/Address Database searches to identify all names, addresses and social security numbers utilized by a subject during the preceding ten years. With this information, record inquiries are sent to all Circuit and District Courts with jurisdiction over each individual address in the state specified. This investigation also includes: a five-year Driving Record (when license number or middle name and date of birth are identified); a vehicle search at the subject’s current address; a Workers’ Compensation Claim Search (where applicable); a State Criminal Check; a search of the Offender Tracking Information Database, the Sex Offender Registry, and other online resources; and record checks with the County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. District Court. We will also check for any Assumed Names used by the subject and search for any Professional Licensing. An Internet name search will be performed in the subject’s state of residency. Completed in two to four weeks for most records.

Pre-employment Investigation
The Pre-employment Investigation (PEI) includes a BCI in a subject’s current state of residency. We will also verify previous employment, confirm education and call references when provided with contact information. In addition, we will obtain at least one objective reference from the subject’s current neighborhood.

Surveillance Investigation
Our staff of experienced investigators will perform discreet surveillance to monitor a subject’s activities to determine whether he/she is working or engaging in contrary activities. Our video equipment is continually updated and enhanced to enable us to provide state-of-the-art surveillance investigations. With our specialized equipment, we can obtain exterior and interior film to document activities in any venue.

We offer flat rates for Surveillance Investigation (SI) that include the following:

  • Basic case set up
  • Eight hours of surveillance
  • Mileage
  • Travel time
  • Investigation report documentation
  • One video transfer
  • One vehicle registration search

Internet And Social Networking Investigations

Internet and Social Networking (ISN) searches have gained popularity as a method of obtaining information about a subject’s lifestyle that can be utilized for a comprehensive investigation and documentation of contrary activities. The ISN search is most effective when utilized in conjunction with a Surveillance Investigation or Activity Investigation.

Basic Search
The ISN – Basic Search begins with a Comprehensive Database search to confirm the subject’s name and identify any name variations. Popular search engines (i.e., Google) will then be utilized to perform a search for any public postings relative to the subject. Specific social networking sites will then be searched specifically using the names identified, including the following: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp.

RDA recommends the ISN – Basic Search as the most efficient and cost-effective way of developing information about a claimant’s lifestyle. The selected search engines and websites are the most popular and most likely locations for postings pertaining to your subject. Based on our experience with performing these types of searches, we feel that that ISN – Basic Search is appropriate for the average subject and would be a useful tool in any investigation.

Enhanced Search
The ISN – Enhanced Search consists of a Basic Search and specific searches of an additional 25-35 of popular and active social-networking and information-sharing websites. Searches will be conducted of blogging, photo-sharing, dating, networking and mobile communities that would have relevancy to a particular subject. The sites searched will be at the discretion of RDA, based on our continual review of sites as they evolve. A general list of current sites is available for your review.

Employee Time Theft Investigation

Employee time theft can have a direct, negative impact on the company’s bottom line; it is a hidden cost that can only be identified through proper investigative techniques. A great deal of time theft occurs while employees are on overtime status, compounding the costs. And to make matters worse, employees often participate in time theft together as groups, significantly increasing the cost to the employer.
RDA has experience in conducting time-theft investigations, involving cases from single employees to multiple employees. We work closely with our clients throughout the investigation, consulting in areas of planning and managing the sometimes vast amounts of information and evidence.

A well-planned Employee Time Theft Investigation (ETTI) will result in immediate savings, improved morale, and increased productivity.

Surveillance Equipment: Reed Detective Agency, Inc. investigators use state-of-the- art surveillance equipment, including hidden cameras which can be utilized in any setting.


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